Monday, September 14, 2009

Quilt for Kaesea

Dear Shayne,

I have been working for the past week or so on a quilt for our darling kitty Kaesea. I finished it last night!

He's been using another quilt that I'd like to have back (he eats on it and sheds all over it, making it less pleasant for the rest of us to use) so I made him one of his own:
Kaesea's quilt

It's not very big -- about 2x3 feet. Basically, I wanted something that would fold in half to make a good "lounge around" quilt for the bed and then in quarters to fit comfortably in his cat carrier.

I didn't use a pattern -- I just cut a bunch of 3" wide strips and then sewed them together randomly. I spiced it up with the bits of orange and red, which I also incorporated into the binding (a first for me):
Kaesea's quilt: Detail

I probably could have pushed this design further, but I also just wanted to get it done so Kaesea could enjoy it. It's lumpy and weird and far from perfect, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

And so, it seems, is he:
He likes it!

Which is really what matters.


PS -- If anyone reading this is curious about catching up with Kaesea, he's got his own blog right here.


Shayne said...

Very pretty. It compliments his floof factor nicely :)

Victoria said...

Saw a peek of the quilt on the other blog and came over here to see it whole... WOW! You did a great job, I love it! Especially like how the thin red and orange stripes cut diagonally through some of the blues and purples! Good Energy and calming, too. Well done!