Monday, February 09, 2009

Candy + buttons = AWESOME.

Dear Shayne,

When I saw these beautiful candy buttons from Bake It Pretty, I actually said, "Oh!"

Right. Out. Loud.

Shayne. Duuude. Those are candy. Candy buttons. Yes, I say! Yes! Yes!

So all I need is some chocolate, these molds from Bake It Pretty, and time. That last item has been eluding me lately, but perhaps if I bought the molds, I could carve out an afternoon to make candy buttons?

Wow. I sure hope so!


PS - Photo is, of course, from Bake It Pretty. (A very sweet blog that you should absolutely check out.)


amy said...

i NEED those molds! i'd make chocolate buttons for everyone i know!

amy said...

have you seen this? is giving away three $25 gift certificates to Bake It Pretty!

kelly said...

I just entered! Thanks for the heads up! :)