Monday, August 20, 2007

New bag, old bag

Dear Shayne,

I am working on a new bag that I can't post yet because the recipient reads this blog (at least, I think she does -- Jenny, you there?) and I don't want her to be spoiled. I expect to be done with it tomorrow, so she should have it Friday and I can post photos then.

In the meantime, working on this bag reminds me of a bag I made over a year ago... before we were keeping this blog (our one year anniversary is coming up, if you can believe it -- what shall we do for it? Hrmmm...)

I think you may have already seen this bag. Aaand... we really only have a handful of readers and they've probably already seen this bag too (as I originally posted it on craftster) BUT I was pretty proud of it, so I'm going to show it off again -- it's certainly one of my most difficult sewing achievements to date.

I made it for a personal swap with Bonnie -- she spun me some gorgeous yarn in return -- she's an amazing spinner! This was a gift for a friend of hers who was having a baby (it's a diaper bag).
Diaper bag exterior

I am remembering that bag now because it was the first time I ever used fusible fleece (which I also used in your wristlet) and I really like it (obviously, since I'm using it again).
Flapped pocket open

The bag I'm working on this week is much simpler (and smaller) than that diaper bag, but has some similarities in the strap and the front flap. No extra pockets on the side, though -- those almost killed me (plus, Jenny requested a very simple bag).
Interior shot

I remember being ever-so-pleased when I found this interior fabric (Bonnie picked out the exterior fabric from Tonic Living [awesome fabrics and great customer service] and I found that interior fabric locally). I wonder how that bag has held up. It probably looks nothing like these photos now, after more than a year of use.

Photos of the new bag on... Friday (or so!)


PS - This post was brought to you by parentheses (because I seem to really like them!)


Jennifer said...

Damn you! I was totally planning on peeking! Grrr!!!

I can't wait to see it.

kelly said...

HA HA!! Caught you!!

TheBon said...

I have no idea how it's held up, but I will try to ask. My guess is that she's a. still using it and b. gearing up for using it with the new baby on the way.

Shayne said...

You're so romantic to remember our anniversary :) And you are a bag-making expert. I would never have the patience to make a bag with so many details. Good luck with the one you're working on.

kelly said...

I don't want to dispel your views of my romantic nature or anything, but, ah... well... there's list of all of our posts in the right hand column of our main page. So it's not hard to see that we started this puppy last September.

And, of course, I love you!

Shayne said...

And I love you!