Monday, August 06, 2007

Another IKEA sprucing

Dear Shayne,

No idea how I found this picture, but a few months ago, I stumbled upon this photo and fell in love. My sewing supplies are currently housed in a sticker-covered tackle box... useful when transporting my stuff around, but not so attractive in the craft room/office.

Therefore, I made this:
IKEA, revamped

It started life as a 9 drawer IKEA FIRA. I used decoupage glue and covered the papers with a decoupage finish... I was worried that unfinished paper would get all finger-printy after time, so hopefully this will help ward off my slobby ways.

I'm pretty pleased with it. Now I just have to put all of my supplies inside!


PS - How did the Craft Room Cleanup go?


jessica said...

marvelous idea. very nice.

marta said...

genius. i love that ruler paper. super duper cute.

Shayne said...

Beautiful! I like yours better than the example you posted.