Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New toy!

Dear Shayne,

Whee! I got a new toy!

My friend got married last week and she asked me to make her some... yes, buttons. (Everyone wants me for my buttons, right?) She wanted quite a bit of text on them and I only make lil' one-inchers, so I thought, "Hrm... if I get a bigger button maker... I can make Iyabo's buttons now. And then... I can make MIRRORS!"

I'm not so crazy about big buttons, but I AM a fan of cute mirrors. So I bought a 2.25" button/mirror maker. Whee! Oh, I said whee already, didn't I? Oh, well... this is just going to be a Multiple Whee Post (MWP).

So far, I've only used it to made the buttons for her wedding:
Buttons for Iyabo's wedding

She wrote the copy -- people's names with something pertinent/funny about them. Here are two of my favorites:
Buttons for Iyabo's wedding

Hee hee.

Next up: Mirrors! Sooo... what do you want on yours?



Shayne said...

Actually, I have that size - a Badge-A-Minute, I prefer to call a Badge-An-Hour. I am a weakling. Have fun making mirrors!

kelly said...

Yeah... I've heard bad things about the ol' Badge-An-Hour. I've used one once before and it almost killed me.

My new machine is much nicer than that -- it's very heavy-duty and it does the work for ya! You can see it here.

Jan said...

hahaha. just kidding! just wanted to say hey! and humiliation finally did pay off. thank goodness it was freshcut and not something else gross! hahahahaha. :)