Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Care package

Dear Shayne,

February is short, but our lack of posts this month makes it look even shorter. I think we broke our record for lack of updates. Whoops.

Here's a little something that I made a few weeks back. A care package (Hee hee. I said, "package") for Bill and his family. Bill liked that journal I made for the journal ring, so I made him a smaller version, using the same construction as before. I had a good time finding "key" words in an old dictionary:

Journal for Bill

The skull in the lower right corner is very grin-y. He's a 3D little grommet-y dude. Pretty cool.

I really need to take a side view of one of these things -- they're very cool and sturdy. Here's the first page:
Journal for Bill - first page

I found that skull stencil on a free stencil site, but I can't seem to find it again right now. I'll do a more thorough search later and update this post. The inside back cover has the same skull, looking in.

Note Bill's name in spoooky letters. So everyone knows it's his. Hee hee.

I also made a hat for Bill's dad. A little shorter this time, for when he doesn't want to cover his ears. For spice, I added a stripe. I'm a wild one.

I am noting once again that this looks like a ghost from Pac Man and I need to get some sort of model head:
Striped hat

And for Bill's mom, I made a tote bag. She likes apples and I loved this batik print when I bought it, but as I made the bag, I kept thinking, "These are apples, right?" I sure hope they are:
Tote bag

While in the Frozen North (aka "Michigan"), I also made some extra-long, extra-weird legwarmers. I need to get a photo of those, although they're already super beat-up from wearing them for 10 days. Oops.

What have you been up to, missy?


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Aleigh said...

Stumbled on your journal for Bill here and I have $5 that you are both awesome, judging by the craftiness of the items and radness of the skulls-on-mortuary-wallpaper look. I am digging the whole thing. Wonderment abounds. ~Aleigh. P.S. Those are totally apples.