Sunday, November 26, 2006

Knitting with something odd

Dear Shayne,

This week, I have been knitting with something odd:

What are you looking at? Well...

(But I've only been knitting with two of those things.)

What have I been making? Napkin rings!

(I had to look all over my house for a piece of white cloth for that photo... all of our cloth napkins have tomatoes on them, which wasn't useful and, ah... I guess I'm just not really one for plain white [big surprise]. I finally found a tea towel that's been waiting for embroidery. So the napkin modeling credit goes to Mr. Tea Towel.)

I made four of them altogether, but they were difficult to photograph in a group:

Kaesea wants to know: "Why aren't you knitting with my shadow?"

(As you can see from this photo... I kind of am!)

I've been too busy crafting to write posts about my crafts... ironic, eh?


1 comment:

TheBon said...

It's not ironic, it's the crafting curse. I both finished and wore my sweater and haven't had the time to blog about it this weekend.