Saturday, November 18, 2006

Does this count?

Dear Shayne,

I'm not sure if this counts as crafty, since I didn't actually make this craft myself, but I just have to share.

I don't know why, but I have always wanted a trophy. Unfortunately, this desire has never meshed very well with my complete lack of competitiveness (Is that even a word?) (Do you see how deep my lack of competitive drive goes? I don't even know the terms.) and my fondness for sitting on the couch. Unfortunately, they don't give Best Couch Potato trophies (I would win that for sure!) (If I cared about winning, of course.)

For some unknown reason, I decided to start playing hockey a few years ago (Non-competitive couch potato + hockey? How does that work again? I'm still not sure.) Of course, I'm not very good. In fact, I'm pretty bad. But I have managed to score a couple of goals and, earlier this year, I scored a "game-winning" goal. My darling sweet Bill kept the puck from the game and had this made for me.

It's a trophy! With the puck from my game! Even though I did not craft it myself (nor did Bill), I think it's a pretty sweet-ass craft -- they actually put a screw through the base, through the puck, and through this guy's feet. (Doesn't he look mean?) (I mean, for a 6 inch tall gold plastic guy with his feet screwed to a block of wood, of course.)

So I guess I'm highlighting the craft of some trophy-makin' man somewhere -- good job, sir!

Of course, I did "craft" the goal myself. Maybe that counts... ?

In other Crafty News, I've been making ATCs like mad, so you'll see some of those soon. Aaaand... I've finished the second Knuck! Of course, now there's the embroidery... what's that? Something shiny? Right.

Hope you're feeling better -- I miss you here in blogland!


PS - Today's post was brought to you by parentheses (cause I used a lot of 'em.) (See?)


Dawn said...

*chants* We want more crafts!

How are the knucks coming?

kelly said...

Your wish is my command, darling! New post is up!

Oh, and the knucks... well...they still await embroidery... hrm...