Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New quilt for Kaesea

Dear Shayne,

A couple of years ago, I made this quilt for Kaesea. It's been great -- it stays on the foot of our bed, on top of a heating pad (bonus!) and makes a great gushy-food placemat (rather than having that all over the duvet cover). Also, it looks nice with our mostly-blue duvet covers.

Recently, we got a new duvet cover that didn't quite match the old quilt. You know I don't need much of an excuse to make a quilt, so I took this opportunity to whip one up.

The new duvet cover has beiges, browns, and greys, so it's a neutral roundup. I like stripes, so this was my first design:
Kaesea's quilt: Original plan

Once I saw that together, I decided I wanted something a bit more harmonious, so I cut more strips and laid them out in a sort of a tonal gradient. I laid them out on the couch so that I could re-visit them and verify the order.

When I returned, I found this:
Kaesea's quilt: Design approval

  1. Kaesea pre-approves his quilt.
  2. The new quilt perfectly matches Kaesea's fur. As I have mentioned before on his blog, his back is becoming light brown in his old age (he used to be dark grey, and still is on his head). As you can see, Kaesea has actually arranged himself to match the stripes on his quilt here. Hilarious.

So I decided to make it two-sided -- one side is the original random stripes and the other side is the tonal gradient. It's nice to be able to mix it up!

Kaesea's quilt: Gradient side

And here's a shot of it on the bed, showing how nicely it matches the duvet cover:
Kaesea's quilt, in situ

And, most importantly, here is Kaesea, enjoying his new quilt:
Kaesea quilt: Final approval

Love that cat.



Shayne said...

Beautiful kitty colors!

Jenny said...

I seriously love this post and I'm pretty excited about getting some Kaesea time myself soon!