Monday, November 21, 2011

Your mitts: Need your opinion

Dear Shayne,

When we were together last year, you bought some yarn for me to make you some fingerless mitts. I'm finally getting around to it (mostly because you told me that you're cold...) I've completed one, but I need some help deciding what to do for the second one.

Here's the first one:

(Gorgeous, right?)

Sooo... here's the problem: This yarn is a very slow striping yarn. As you can see from that mitt, I only covered 4 colors in just 1 mitt. Here is the remaining ball of yarn:

I am pulling from the middle, so I am going to be knitting the blue and green yarn you see around the center very soon.

Sooo... here are the options:

1. Press on. This will probably result in the next mitt being pink, green, and blue (with the same plum-y thumb as the first mitt, because I knit the thumbs before I started anything else).

2. Skip the blue and green and go to the colors that are similar to the first mitt (pink, orange, red, purple). The mitts will not be identical to one another, but they will be closer to the same "family" of colors.

I love all of these colors together, but when used on such a small project, it really divides up the colors into chunks. Sooo... do you want 2 totally mismatched mitts (the one above + a blue and green one) OR do you want me to do some color finagling to get them close to one another?

Let me know ASAP so I can send these off to you and keep your paws warm!


PS - Have I mentioned lately how I hate the new Blogger interface? Just sayin'.


Shayne said...

That's is awesome - I can't wait!!! Please go with option 2.

We need to switch to Wordpress.

kelly said...

> We need to switch to Wordpress.

Maybe in the summer? After I've moved and you've graduated. Between now and then, I can't see either of us having time for that bidness.

In the meantime, I've switched back to the "old look" in Blogger... perhaps they'll fix some of the problems in the beta version of the "new look" before they yank the old one away.

kelly said...

Oh, yeah -- and I'll start on Option 2 today. These go quick, so you should have 'em next week. Yay!

Shayne said...

Defintely in the summer. Unless I feel compelled over winter break. (I get a whole month between classes!)

Can't wait for my mitts!!!