Tuesday, July 05, 2011

You're famoose!

Dear Shayne,

As you are already well aware, you are sooper famoose! I rarely go to physical bookstores anymore but I was in Portland, OR this past weekend, so I had to hit Powell's City of Books (the bestest ever bookstore in the whole wide world.) (Seriously.)

Portland is a super crafty city, so Powell's is a super crafty bookstore! Of course I spent some quality time in the craft book aisles. (There are several aisles, Shayne. That place so rocks.) And look what I found -- You!

First, in Craft Corps:

And then in World of Geekcraft:

Yay! It's you! In print!

In my next post, I'll share more details about the amazing crafty goodness that is Portland. Right now, I need to rest up from our trip!


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Shayne said...

Thanks for tooting my horn for me :)

I need to go to Portland, obviously! Can't wait to hear more.