Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cross Stitch Letters BIBLE!

Dear Shayne,

I found a super-fantastic awesome book last week: The Cross Stitch Letters BIBLE. Not only does it have a ton of freakin' awesome letters to cross stitch, but it also turned out to contain my own personal Holy Grail.

But I'll tell you all about that in a minute.

First, a bunch of photos. (Seriously -- a bunch. Do you have a few minutes? Get ready...)

Here's the cover (Ooh la la! It's French!)

And just so you can grasp the sheer cram-packed AWESOMENESS of this thing, check out the thickness:

It's a BIBLE, Shayne. A bible.

It ranges from tiny letters to large. Here are some small ones (there are also some that are super tiny -- like, 1 or 2 ... [what do you call the smallest unit of measurement in cross-stitch? Not a pica... a thread? A count? Whatever. The smallest square unit.] tall!)

But these are a little taller than that -- and kah-yute!

I like this extended one at the top of the page...

Each alphabet is numbered, and that number goes up to [flips through many pages...] 739. Wow. And that does not include the numbers!

Here are a couple of medium-sized ones:

And some that are little bigger:

This one is kind of a cool dual color -- hard to see in the photo, but the red is outlined by black:

I am a sucker for one really ornate single letter. I foresee some monogram-y gifts in my near future. Like this:

Or this:

This one would be great for a little girl -- or someone who loves butterflies (so sweet!):

This one is kind of fun, but perhaps for whole words:

And I think this one is my favorite one in the whole book -- I love how it looks like there's a string of pearls intertwined with the letters:

As I mentioned, there are also numbers:

And even a bunch of alphabets on the bias, which is really neat:

But, Shayne, remember about 4000 photos ago, when I mentioned that this book contains my personal Holy Grail? Are you still there? And interested in hearing this story?

A couple of years ago, I cut out an image from a magazine of a cross-stitched letter A and I hung it on the Inspiration Board I made a few years back. Here's the clipping:

(Looking at it now, I realize it's probably from Chez Sucre Chez -- she sure does make great stuff!)

At the time, I thought, "Wow. I would like to make a 'B' [the first initial of my last name] in this font!" So I poked around the internet and... never found it. Since then, I have checked out decorative letters in various books and still... never found it.

As I was flipping through this Bible in the store, the skies opened up and a ray of sun shone down upon me. Look what I found:

It's within a few stitches of the one I had at home! Yesss! And right next to it? Why, yes, that would be a B!

I don't know why I've been so enamored with that exact font, Shayne, but I have. And it is now in my very own hands! So you know what I'll be doing this weekend... (photos coming soon!)



Shayne said...

I NEED this!!!

kelly said...

Yeah you do.

I got it at a local shop, but I bet you can find it online somewhere. Shockingly, not at Amazon (whaaaa---?) but Google the author's name and you'll find plenty of folks selling it.

Also, note that this is "Tome 1." It looks like there is also a "Tome 2" that has even larger, more ornate letters. Hrm.

Ruth MacC said...

Hi there, I found your link while looking for the letter R to cross stitch. I can't find anything nice but I really like the ones you posted on your blog. Would you please send me some nice capital letters of R? I would really appreciate it!

Thank you. God bless.

kelly said...

I'm sorry, Ruth -- the patterns in the book are copyright protected, so I can't send you copies of the patterns.

However, I just looked online and did find a copy of the book for sale here.

Good luck -- I know how frustrating the search for that "perfect letter" can be! :)

Lorna White said...

I LOVE this :)