Monday, March 07, 2011

Bill makes beer

Dear Shayne,

For Christmas, I bought Bill a beer making kit from MoreBeer (which is a super fun place to visit). Over the past month or so, he... made beer! This is my not-at-all-technical observation of what happened along the way...

First, boil stuff in a big ol' kettle (this makes the house into a hop-py sauna):
Bill makes beer: Step 1
Then get it going into a big jug:
Bill makes beer: Step 2
Let the jug sit for awhile. During that time, use a fancy chemistry set to check stuff:
Bill makes beer: Step 3
Then bottle the beer (this day is very exciting):
Bill makes beer: Step 4
Use a super cool tool to secure bottle caps on the bottles (which I am a little bit in love with, I must admit):
Bill makes beer: Step 5
After two weeks of letting it sit in the bottles, pour that bad boy:
Bill makes beer: Step 6
Look! It's beer!
Bill makes beer: Step 7
(That's the cool glass that Bill's brother Bob had made for his Bachelor Party in 2009 -- the "Billchelor" Party. Get it? Heh.)

And it tastes GOOD!! (Go, Bill!)


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Shayne said...

Y'all are alcohol experts now!