Sunday, January 09, 2011

Twin Quilts

Dear Shayne,

As I mentioned in November, I made quilts for our niece and nephew for Christmas this year. Here is Jack's quilt:
Jack's quilt

and here is Emily's:
Emily's quilt

On each of the quilts, I used some fabric from shirts that belonged to their grandpa. On Jack's quilt, it's this blue plaid:

On Emily's, it's a plain yellow oxford -- the lighter yellow in this corner block:

The quilts were a big hit and both kids immediately started cuddling with them. Look at this cutie-pie Jack playing hide-n-seek:

Additionally, their older brother CJ went and got the quilt I made for him before he was born and we had a Super-awww moment:

Cute kids and quilts! Merry Adorable Christmas!


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Shayne said...

Very cute kids and gorgeous quilts! I think that the next time I visit, you'll have to teach me to quilt.