Saturday, January 08, 2011

Happy New Year! (AKA: Let's Start the Holiday Re-cap!)

Dear Shayne,

As always, December was a crazy busy month for crafters like us and not much got posted around these parts. Hope there are still some folks checking in, but if not, well... we always have each other. :)

How were your holidays? My Christmas was satisfyingly crafty, both in giving and receiving. (Yay!) Per usual, the first few posts of the year will be all about the Christmas Craftin' Goodness.

Up first: We made lime-cello! I mentioned this undertaking to you back in October and I am so pleased to report that the lime-cello was a complete and utter success! It tasted delicious and was well received by many folks on our checkin-it-twice list.

(I had a lot of fun making those labels, too...)

Have you tried yours yet? It's verrrry potent, so be sure you don't have plans for later in the night when you drink yours, but it is really tasty. I love it on its own, but last week, we tried it in some Sprite. Mmmm!

A friend of ours has a recipe for it that also involves tequila, but that sounds like Black Out Juice to me. Oof!



Jenny said...

We tried ours for the first time last night----and YUM!!!! We also agree that "potent" is an accurate descriptor ;-)

Shayne said...

I haven't tried mine yet, but it's in the freezer... hmmm, we do have ginger ale :) I'm glad you had fun doing the labels because they look awesome!

Leah said...

looks tasty! I want to try. Although I'll have to buy the limes.