Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hole-y Scarf!

Dear Shayne,

WOW. This week, I finally finished knitting a scarf that I have been fooling around with for... oh, at least 3 years (!!!) I posted an in-progress shot of it on our blog back in Sept '07, and it looks like I first mentioned it on Ravelry in July of that year.

I say again: WOW.

Hole-y scarf!

I have, of course, completed many other projects during that time. I just couldn't get into working on this one -- tiny needles and a somewhat tedious pattern. But now that it's done, I'm happy with it. (And, also, happy to be done with it.)

What are you working on these days?



Shayne said...

It's beautiful!!! Is it for yourself or some lucky recipient?

I just realized I forgot to thank you for the lovely PINK dishclothes! Thank you!!!!

I have lots of cross-stitching to post, but need to scan/take pictures.

j0zzzz said...

Awesome! You've finally conquered the scarf that wouldn't die, congrats!