Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wedding buttons

Dear Shayne,

Of course, being the button-loving fiend that I am, I had to make buttons for our wedding. Coming up with wedding/love/hockey/party phrases was one of the most entertaining parts of the planning.

I loved seeing which ones each of our guests chose -- one person also has a partner named Bill, so she was proudly wearing an "I [heart] Bill" button. Another guest was a goalie, so he selected "I'm the goalie." (He may have also taken "Goalies rock." Of course!)

Plenty of people were also wearing the cryptic: "Icing. Explain." (the hockey term, not the delicious topping on baked desserts. If you would like an explanation, wikipedia does a better job than I do right here.)

They were a really good conversation starter, which was particularly nice because many of our guests do not know each other -- we've moved around a lot, so our friends and families are far-flung.

I love this photo that our photographer took of our rings + buttons:

I think my favorite was: "Best. Party. Ever." Cause, well, it pretty much was. I mean... buttons + Stanley cup = awesome.

So which buttons did you and Sam end up choosing? And anyone else reading this who came to our wedding -- which button was your favorite?


PS - These photos were taken by our photographer, Kevin Lam, although I did edit them a bit myself, so if you you think they're over-processed or oddly cropped, that's all my fault. ;)


Shayne said...

We took the one about icing, a maple leaf and I'm pretty sure a few others. They were all funny! Love the photo of the rings! When do we get to see more pictures?

just said...

These are so fun! Can you tell me what kind of button-making machine you recommend?

kelly said...

Thanks, just! I got my machine from American Button Machines. It's the Model 100 and I love it -- it's never let me down.

Check out their site for other models -- they make a bunch of different sizes. I also have the 2 1/4" machine from them.