Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bridal lust: I want this!

Dear Shayne,

I know I shouldn't lust after such a frivolous item, but I cannot help it. I just can't. Remember the awesome kitty print I bought at Maker Faire? (Blogged about here.) I've been following the artist, Brittney Lee, ever since. She makes such sweet stuff!

The current object of my adoration and desire? This awesome bride paper sculpture:

Isn't she bee-you-ti-ful? Look at the details! The doily and paper cut skirt layers! Swoon!

I know I won't be a bride forever, but it's still so close to my heart that I cannot resist drooling over this amazing piece. Imagine it with a red mat instead of yellow -- perfect for me, right? Right?

Except... she's not quite in my budget at the moment. You know... right after throwing that big ol' party n' all. But I just had to share her loveliness with you. Maybe some other lucky bride will see this post and snatch her up. I hope so, because she needs to go to a loving home. (And soon -- so I can stop lusting over her already!)


PS -- Photo taken from Brittany Lee's Etsy shop, where you can find this pretty lady and many other sweet creations to ogle over!

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Shayne said...

Oooooooo, she's SO pretty!