Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fruit roll up

Dear Shayne,

As I have mentioned in previous years, I love to wear my skates to work on Halloween (or, this year, the day before).

It started one year when I dressed up as Wayne Gretzky and was so fun that I had to do it again (and again!) It has since evolved into my Mini Cooper ( <-- pre-blog link to Craftster), Hell on Wheels (no photos?!), a holy roller, the Rolling Stones, a rolling pin, and this year: a fruit roll up. Heh.
Fruit roll up costume

I made this apron and wore it over a long black dress -- my requirement for most Halloween costumes is that they are basically a variation on my standard "uniform" (long dress or skirt, long sleeved shirt) + skates.

I could not find a "fruity" fabric that I liked, so I made a patchwork of all different kinds of fruit fabrics. I think I'm going to make it into a little kitty quilt now -- I didn't finish the fabric edges or line it, so it's not a practical apron.

I especially love the fruit necklace:
Fruit necklace for Halloween
(Fake fruit from the craft store -- I used an awl to poke through each piece, then threaded a cord through them.)

I don't know why I love a visual pun so much, but I cannot resist it. I also love skating at work -- I can get everywhere so much faster! Meanwhile, it's quite a workout to skate around all day for 10 hours. I slept for 12 hours straight last night. Wow.



Shayne said...

Visual puns are great. Visual puns involving fruit are awesome!

JenniferNabers said...

Nice! I was wondering what you'd dream up this year!