Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chandelier Shades

Dear Kelly,

I actually finished a home decorating project! Well, Jenny did most of it, but I helped. I've had a very plain Ikea chandelier hanging in my dining room:

We took five of these:

And covered them with black and white gingham and then trimmed them with black rick-rack:

I am SO happy with them. Maybe this will motivate me to do some more decorating.



kelly said...

Totally adorable! These look so great.

How easy or difficult was it to work with the self-adhesive shades?

Shayne said...

Jenny did that part, but said it was pretty easy. Getting the edges folded under and glued was more annoying. Then I remembered that I had a roll of that super sticky red tape and that worked perfectly.

Shayne said...

The redline tape ended up not holding. We had to redo a bunch of it, so we tried the glue gun. Hopefully, that will hold.