Saturday, April 17, 2010

Amazing doily

Dear Shayne,

Here is yet another amazing crafty Christmas present that I have been lame about posting...

This one is from my mom -- it's made by a woman named Helen who lives near her in Ohio. It's a doily, crocheted with our last name. Super cool.

One thing that made it so special is the handwritten letter that Helen wrote to my mom:
Our name, on a doily!

She writes "This is the 1055th one I've crocheted since 1989" (Wow!) and then goes on to chat about her life -- recent surgery, her husband, some good friends of theirs. It's just wonderful. Makes me want to pick up a pen and write a letter!

You can find many artists on Etsy making these doilies and I cannot get over how many are undervaluing their work ($2-4 per letter!) (I did a search on "crochet name doily" and found these). Helen's work was also a bargain, so my mom sent her some extra money with the order for our name.

A few weeks later, Helen sent one with my mom's last name as well! She says she mostly gives them away and it's just a nice way to keep busy.

Shayne, we need to be more like Helen -- get busy crafting! (And writing letters, for that matter...)


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Shayne said...


I have lost my crafty mojo - I want to do something, but have no idea what. I might pick up a little cross-stitch kit or something, just to get going.