Sunday, February 21, 2010

My first real weaving project

Dear Shayne,

The other weaving project I showed you was just practice. (I may make something else out of that fabric yet, so stay tuned...) Meanwhile, I have finished an actual weaving project since then and I love it!

Here it is, still on the loom:
Scarf, on the loom

The yarn is a generous gift from my friend Jan (Hi, Jan!) of Blue Moon Fiber Arts sock yarn in the colorway Happy Go Lucky. It's currently only available to Rockin' Sock Club members, but it will be available to all at some point.

I know this colorway is right up your alley, Shayne, but so sad for you: it's wool. Happy for me, though! :)

Here it is, finished:
Woven scarf, complete

I always wrestle with the best way to photograph scarves. What do you think of this artful arrangement:
Woven scarf, complete

Or maybe I should just always go straight to the best way to photograph anything...
Woven scarf, with model
... with Kaesea.

Kaesea says: "Yes, that's always best."



Dawn said...

Scarf? What scarf? All I see is Kaesea's piercing stare in that last photo!!

Seriously though? That looks fantastic! Great job!!

Dawn said...

(That = the scarf, of course. Although the photo of Kaesea with the scarf also looks fantastic. Soo... I guess you can read my bad grammar however you like!)

Shayne said...

Beautiful - Kasea is always such an awesome model :)