Sunday, December 13, 2009

Socks and Cupcakes

Dear Kelly,

Did I mention that Jenny moved closer to me - our houses are now exactly 20 minutes apart, so there's been quite the increase in crafting.

Yesterday we sewed slipper socks out of this cute thermal fabric - I don't remember what I originally bought this fabric for, but they're super comfy!

After dinner we baked cupcakes - yellow cake with mini chocolate chips mixed in. I have eaten way too many.

This was all on top of cleaning my kitchen and starting to clean up/organize my dining room. There's even talk of painting the powder room soon.



kelly said...

Love the socks!

I remember that fabric, so I harnessed the Power of the Blog Search and found the original post where you mentioned it -- you were going to make a dress:

(Weird. That post was made 2 years ago *tomorrow*. I guess mid-December is the time for apple thermal fabric!)

I am so jealous that your Jenny lives 20 minutes away from you! I wish my Jenny lived so close to me. Sigh.

Can't wait to see that painted powder room!

Shayne said...

Ahh yes, I think I even cut out the pieces from the dark gray thermal - I wonder where they are.

I've still got a lot of the apple fabric left, but not so sure anymore that a dress would be a good idea. Maybe if I was eight.

JenniferNabers said...

I wish I lived 20 minutes away, too!!! And I basically thought the same thing---I am so jealous she lives 20 minutes away from her best friend!