Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mmm... cookies!

Dear Shayne,

Last weekend I went to Cleveland and spent some time baking Christmas cookies with my grandmother. Yum!
Mmm... shortbread!
My grandma has been making these cookies every December since I can remember and they are soooo good. The one above is a divine shortbread which is a pain to make, but WOW is it good. (The key: grandma sifts the flour three times! Holy sifting!)

And these others we always called "Meltaways" because they really melt in your mouth. They're a buttery cookie with walnuts, covered in powdered sugar (my mouth is watering as I write this):
Mmm... meltaways!

Meanwhile, I brought some home with me and have spent this week putting on my Winter Weight. I now have the Dangerous Knowledge to make them any time I want... this won't be good for the waistline.


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Shayne said...

They look delish!!!