Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Notecards from Kelly

Notecards from Kelly
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Dear Readers,

Kelly sent me these great quilted notecards. I untied the awesome packaging before I took the picture because I needed to use one right away, but they were tied up with pretty ribbon with handmade envelopes, pink labels and even a fancy matching glue stick!



TheBon said...

I also got fancy notecards from Kelly with pretty handmade envelopes, labels and a matching glue stick! She's the bee's knees!

kelly said...

Glad you like the cards! I actually did get a photo of them all wrapped up (of course)... perhaps I'll post it!

Shayne said...

You should. It was such a pretty package, I felt like a shmuck for not taking a picture of it before tearing in.

The Bon: what color was your set?

kelly said...

I was going to post last night but then fell asleep early. ;)

I'll try to get some stuff posted tonight, as I made several different fabric cards in different colors.

thebon got a different style card entirely, as I knew she already had some fabric notecards. For hers, I used stamps and embossed them -- I really like the way they turned out, so I'll post those too!

(Yes, really... I really will post again soon...)