Friday, December 15, 2006

ATC madness

Dear Shayne,

As you know, I've been in this ATC swap for some time now... I didn't want to post photos here until the recipients got their cards and now that they're trickling in, I can post!

This first card was for someone who wanted an Eiffel Tower/Paris theme. I used photos that I took of the Eiffel Tower, which I thought was pretty cool (not that you can really tell the difference between photos that I took myself and any random postcard, but I know that I took 'em and that's what counts, right? Right.)

The next one was for someone requesting Black and White TV/Movie comedians. It took me awhile to decide on who to go with, but then I found this hilarious photo of Lucille Ball and I thought it went well with her spiel on Vitameatavegamin.

It was hilarious to recall that episode while looking for the text online. I love that, as she gets drunker and drunker on the stuff, instead of saying, "Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular?" she says, "Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular?" I tried to work the word "unpoopular" into the card, but it just didn't work. (Poop. Hee hee.)

I "hand colored" the black and white photo (in Photoshop -- that's by "hand," right? My hand used the trackball!) and I think it came out pretty well, especially after a big household debate about what color her hat should be.

Oh, I just realized that this is going to be the All Photoshop post...

This last one was for someone who wanted birds. I'm not really much of a bird fan, so this one was difficult for me, but I went poking around and found some bird photos (whee), fiddled in Photoshop for awhile (quite awhile -- I am so damned slow in Photoshop, it's not even funny) and... voila! I think it came out pretty well. You know, for birds.

These are the only ATCs I've made so far using Photoshop and I liked how they turned out, although I'm still a big fan of scissors and glue and fabric and thread. Of course.

In Christmas crafting news, I'm going nuts (big surprise, right?). This weekend is the Final Push, so... wish me luck!


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Shayne said...

You really do great collage work. Some people suck at it. I guess it would be rude to include links :)