Monday, January 23, 2012

Car Modifications

Dear Kelly,

Scott's car died last week and he made a quick decision to buy a used Suburu Outback (he's in two bands, so having space to haul equipment was a must-have). Because we are very immature, we made a few modifications to the back.

Outback before:

Outback after:

AllWheelDrive before:

AllWheelDrive after:

Assumably, you read Sam's Christmas story which provides a bit of context for "Lawdy." I can't wait to show him tomorrow. (And for you readers, I'll post a link to Sam's story soon -- just don't read it if you're easily offended.)

So, yes, my boyfriend is driving around in a station wagon that says "Butback" and "Lawdy."



kelly said...

Heh. What did you use to make the letters and attach them?

Shayne said...

The letters were from the auto parts store and had adhesive on them.