Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V Day!

Dear Shayne,

Oooh... quiet around here,isn't it? I just realized I never finished reporting about my Crafty Christmas. Where has 2011 gone? Oh, well. Time to get back to it!

For Valentine's Day, I made cookies and very simple little valentines.

The oh-so-delicious cookies:
V Day Cookies

And the oh-so-late (just mailed today -- whoops) and oh-so-simple valentines:
V Day Cards

I cut out the "LOVE" with the Cricut (of course) and I had big plans for something way fancier, but it just didn't happen. So I just stuck it to cardboard, wrote a note, and sent it out in very cute envelopes. Done!

In other news, Bill has been making beer, we're bottling wine next weekend, and I've got a batch of limoncello going right now. So we've been making stuff, but we're too drunk on it to post. Heh.



Dawn said...

Mmm... cookies!

Shayne said...

The card is even cuter in person!

Castro Valley Farmers Market said...

I can't wait to have those cookies when I'm doing being pregnant. CAN'T WAIT! They are the best cookies ever!