Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hey, TJ! You've won!

Dear Shayne,

We have a winner of our blog giveaway! The random number generator chose "6," so TJ is our winner.

TJ, I'm going to take a wild guess that you'd like your Scrabble earrings to be "T" and "J" but contact me (onetomatotwo [at] gmail [dot] com) and we can work out the details.

I love giving stuff away! Congrats, TJ!



Shayne said...

Yea, TJ!

Kelly - send me TJ's address and I'll send her something from my stash :)

TJ said...

Oh wow, that's awesome! I kept thinking about self-sabotaging my best friend's prized Scrabble set (and die trying!), but this is such a better (and safer!) idea. Thanks so much. TJ initials would be awesome. I'll get you my email shortly. :) Thanks so much, you gals rock!