Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Potter Puppet Pals on a Plane

Dear Kelly,

Are you familiar with Potter Puppet Pals? If you're not, go check them out. The skits will make you lul.

Last summer, while we were on our way to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I had the pouch of craft supplies you sent me for my birthday in my carry-on bag. When I pulled it out and grabbed a barf bag (is there a nicer term for those?), Sam and my nephew Dylan demanded puppets. Behold, my five-minute Potter Puppet Pals:

Then they proceeded to make fun of me for having the craft supplies with me in the first place :/



kelly said...

I think barf bags are just called "barf bags." I never really thought much about it... "Emergency Vomit Receptacles" seems like a bit much to say when you need one. ;)

Love the ingenious use of them here. (Waaay better than having to use them for their intended purpose...)

Did you smack those ungrateful children for their craft supply mockery?

Shayne said...

I should have. On the trip home, I didn't have the pouch with me, so they managed to get pens from one of the flight attendants and made their own puppets. Those puppets are not appropriate to post here. But they did get wings for their puppets too. I wanted wings :(